Roosevelt University, Admission Essay Example

Roosevelt University, Admission Essay Example

Three individuals have had a significant impact on my life in terms the pursuit of advanced education, and the reason I’m applying for admission to Roosevelt University. My first was a high school teacher from Iran who was always telling students that education was the only method to overcome the obstacles and gain respect in a male dominated society. Her belief was that education will enable women to become self-sufficient by establishing a business that is their own and attaining financial freedom. She also stated that a society cannot progress until women have an education since mothers have a greater influence on their children as they are more involved with them. Men who have an educated and independent mother tend to be more supportive of women’s rights in society. High school education in Iran is segregated based on gender. There are no coeducation schools.

The second person to motivate and encourage me to go to Roosevelt University is my cousin. She did her Masters from Roosevelt University, then attended an acclaimed medical school which she received her MD. She was an excellent academic and also recommended Roosevelt University to me because she knew me well and was well-aware of my academic achievements and background.

The third person who pushed me to further my education is my supervisor. We’ve conducted research on molecular and cellular mechanisms accountable for the deficiency of cardiovascular protection based on gender for premenopausal female diabetics. After I worked in her lab for a couple of months, she urged me to pursue a higher education. She informed me that she sees a immense potential in me to become an extremely successful researcher should I decide to pursue further studies. She has often said that she was impressed that I am extremely curious. According to my supervisor, I’m not scared to ask questions, or formulate hypotheses and research them , no matter how unproven they appear initially. It is equally crucial for researchers to seek out questions and answers. The greatest strength of researchers is their insatiable curiosity. The most surprising areas have yielded some of the most important scientific discoveries.

After completing my Masters After completing my Masters, I would like to let everyone know that I plan to pursue an PhD. My academic pursuits will continue beyond the Masters. I am thankful for the trust that those mentioned above have put in me, and am eager to exceed their expectations. Please do not hesitate to reach me any concerns you may have. I’m looking forward to developing my academic skills at Roosevelt University, and to profit from the amazing learning opportunities my cousin recommended to me.


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