Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Film reviews are one of the most interesting and enjoyable written assignments that you can do at school. It’s only enjoyable if you enjoy the film. What if you don’t feel the film left an impression? It could make you laugh or cry. Worse, what if the movie made you neither laugh nor cry? Don’t fall into despair! Even though you may not realize it, our writers are movie geeks and will gladly assist with your assignment. We are going to make it easy for you to write reviews.

Sherlock Holmes Movie Review: It’s Elementary My Dear Watson!

It is a well-known fact that Baker Street’s stories are among the most loved in the world. Many film directors from different countries have tried to bring back Sherlock Holmes and his friend and assistant Dr. Watson. Guy Ritchie’s latest rendering is a wonderful example of a modern interpretation. It’s not easy to make a movie about a well-known classic. You can see the movie for yourself. It looks like he did a fantastic job!

Take some notes as you watch the movie before you begin writing your movie review. Are all the scenes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have them? What’s the difference? These changes are good or bad for the plot?

A summary of Sherlock Holmes’ movie can be used to start your review. The film tells a completely different story, even though the characters are identical to the book. The summary should not reveal all the secrets, especially the name of your villain!

Best Sherlock Holmes Movie Reviews

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