Statement of Intent and Examples of Admission Essays

Statement of Intent and Examples of Admission Essays

I’ve spent the past 15 years working in the area of Construction Management. In this time, I’ve acquired a broad understanding of the importance Business Administration and Management theory can have in the work place. I’ve completed an Bachelors of Business Administration with the University of Phoenix and I believe this is the perfect foundation to use for my postgraduate studies. In my current role as Director of Construction I am in charge for maintenance and construction of buildings throughout the USA. Whilst I have gained wide experiences in the area, I’d like to supplement this with more theoretical training to enhance my professional profile. Additionally, as an Controller, I’ve gained an understanding of the significance of Management Information Systems and aspects of Financial Reporting.

I’ve been married for over 18 years and am now the proud father of four children. I’m now planning to return to academic life as I consolidate my studies and take part in an online MBA program. I have experience with online and distance learning at the University of Phoenix. I find this flexible method of study best meets my needs and allows me to maintain an appropriate balance between work, studies and family obligations. This method of studying is ideal for mature students like me because I’m used to the discipline and dedication required.

I’ll bring a diverse variety of experiences to the program, which includes:

Director level business management experience;

  • 15 years of experience in Construction Management
  • Good Human Resource Management skills, working with contractors;
  • A high degree of financial responsibility – several million $ development projects
  • As a Controller, you will need to have experience in Financial Accounting
  • Solid Business Administration experience

The University can expect to receive a high level of dedication and professionalism when it comes to my studies. This program is a crucial aspect of my career. It is a major milestone in my life. I am determined to graduate from the program. Although I have gained the foundation I need from my Bachelor of Business Administration program I need to build the knowledge and skills that are associated with the postgraduate MBA program. This will allow me become more effective in my business management and increase my visibility at work.

The following are reasons I believe MBA is a good fit. MBA is a good match:

  • The MBA is a highly marketable Master’s Degree that has earned recognition across the world. It will help me to become a better leader in the marketplace.
  • The MBA offers valuable Management and Business content, that is relevant to my growth as a Business Director.
  • It’s a flexible program that lets me balance life, work, and even my education goals.
  • It will open the doors for the Academic world, and could offer the opportunity for Doctoral studies at a later date, should that opportunity present itself.
  • The capability to network and build a peer group of my peers will be an important aspect of my professional and academic growth.

Most importantly, the MBA degree is the best choice for me at this time in my life.


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