Terms of Use

1. Interpretation

These Terms and Conditions are referred to as the 1.1 Agreement.

1.2 Terms – The Company – MyCollegeEssayWriter is the company that provides academic writing services to customers.

1.3 Terms – The Customer – This refers to the person/people who place Orders with the Company. They must also adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

The software that allows for uninterrupted communication between the customer and the writer, or with a support team agent, is called 1.4 Messaging System.

1.5 Order is the customer’s request for a product. It contains specific requirements and a list of sources that will be used.

1.6 Product is an original piece created from the Order and sent to the Customer as a digital document.

1.7 Product Revision: This is a request by the Customer to edit the final Product based on the original requirements of the Order.

The Company’s structural unit responsible to coordinate and assist the Order process is called 1.8 Support staff.

1.9 The Writer is an employee of the Company who works as a freelancer and provides research and writing services for the Customer in accordance with the Company Agreement.

1.10 Personal Credit Balance is the term for the Customer’s personal account with the Company. Credits are added to the customer’s personal balance to offset orders as they choose.

1.11 Affiliate Program is a program that targets existing customers of the company.

2. Place an order and register

2.1 Customers can place orders by filling in the Order Form on the Website or by asking Support Staff for assistance

2.2 The Order form specifies the scope and parameters of work as well as delivery terms. The Customer is responsible for providing exact, complete and final information on the order form or to the Company’s support staff that will submit the order on his/her behalf.

2.3 The Customer must register with the Company his/her profile, including his/her name and e-mail address. If any of these parameters changes over time, the Customer is responsible for updating the profile or notifying the Support Staff.

2.4 The Customer’s profile has been created based on the information provided during registration. Customers should not create a second profile or provide different credentials to place a new order. Customer must communicate with the Company only using the one and the same profile created during their first purchase. To keep track of purchase history, the Company may merge accounts that have been created.

3. Place an Order

3.1 Payment for the Product should be made in advance. After payment has been made, authorization is granted by the Company to start processing the Order.

3.2 Payments can be made in instalments by the Customer, provided that they follow these terms:

  • The Order Price should not exceed $500 USD.
  • After the Customer has received the first payment link, the first portion of the payment must be made.
  • The Writer delivery schedule is tied to the payment schedule. This means that the Customer will only receive the portion of the product covered by the payment. The Client must pay the entire Order amount in order to receive the complete paper.

* If the Customer fails to fulfill an Order, Company representatives may refuse to split the payment.

** The company reserves the rights to suspend Order fulfillment temporarily if the installments are not received within the specified timeframe.

3.3 Orders can be paid by Credit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer. Payments via this method could take up to 3 to 14 days and/or Personal Credit Balance.

3.4 PayPal is the Company’s payment platform. Customers must go through PayPal checkout to place an order. To pay with a Credit Card, customers will need to complete the PayPal form. These actions do not create a PayPal account permanent, but they are required to complete a single transaction.

3.5 While PayPal processes the payment, the Company is not responsible. These could include but are not limited:

  • PayPal Review – The payment was not released until PayPal investigates.
  • E-check (electronic payment) is used to pay online. It’s an electronic version or paper check that can be used as a check. E-checks can take up 10 days to be delivered.
  • Issues with the PayPal platform, Customer’s Bank

The Customer should verify the validity of the card and check the balance before making any online purchases.

4. Get Discounts

4.1 All customers have equal access to promotional and loyalty program discounts.

4.2 Only orders over $25 (USD) may be eligible for the discount code

4.3 Enter the code in the “Discount code” field of the Order Form to apply the discount code. The discount will not apply if the code is not provided in the appropriate section.

4.4 Customers may only use the ‘First-time discount’ once.

4.5 One discount per order is allowed. Multiple discounts/offers can not be combined for the same order.

5. Customers personal credit balance

The system offers a payment method called 5.1 Personal Credit Balance. The balance is created by depositing a certain amount to the Customer’s personal account via the Website. This money can then be used to pay for future orders.

5.2 One credit equals one USD

5.3 Only Customer must confirm that the funds can be transferred into the Credit Balance. The funds that have been transferred to the Credit Balance are non-refundable. They can only be used to pay future orders.

6. Place an Order

6.1 Order validation. After payment has been made, the Company reserves the right of confirming that the Order details match the requirements. The Support Staff will contact the customer to confirm and finalize details in the event of mismatches.

6.2 Order volume. According to the Company Standards, order volume is only measured in words. One page double-spaced equals 275 words and one page single-spaced equals 550 words.

6.3 Modification of order details. Contact the Support Staff to request changes to the scope. Additional payment may be required for changes that affect the quantity, urgency, or complexity of an Order. This will be discussed with Customer.

6.4 Resources. The Customer must provide a source for order completion if required. To ensure timely delivery, the Customer must upload the source(s). Late submissions will result in additional time required for order completion.

6.5 Communication. Customer can contact their Writer through the Messaging system. This is accessible from the Customer’s profile on the Website. This option can be found on the Order page at the top right. Although it is similar to E mail communication, the Messaging system is safer for customers to use. Customers can also reach out to the Support Staff via online chat, E-mail, or phone 24/7.

6.6 Tracking of progress. You can track the progress of your Order by visiting your personal account’s Order page. The Customer can also contact the Support Staff or the Writer to receive updates.

6.7 Order delivery. The Company is responsible for delivering the product within the deadline. The Support Staff will contact customers if additional time is needed due to the complexity and difficulty of the task. The Customer’s personal account can be used to download the completed order. The Customer is responsible for downloading the product on time. The Customer is responsible for downloading the product promptly and cannot hold the Company responsible for any technical problems.

7. Revision of Order

7.1 Customers are entitled to free amendments within 14 days of Order delivery. The Customer will be responsible for additional charges depending on the complexity of any Revision.

7.2 Customers can submit a revision request using the ‘Feedback? form or “Any Improvements Required?” in their personal account.

7.3 No Revisions are allowed if the original instructions and the revision instructions match. If the revision instructions are not in accordance with the original Order instructions, the Company may request additional payment to complete the Revision.

7.4 The revision deadline cannot be shorter than the original deadline on the Order form.

8. The use of product

8.1 Orders placed by MyCollegeEssayWriter should not be considered as customers’ work. The Product’s primary purpose is to be used as a reference, or as a sample for the Customer’s own work.

8.2 All Copyright laws are strictly adhered to by the Company. If the Customer violates the Terms & Conditions, any oppositional activity will be considered a breach of Company policy.

9. Affiliate Program

9.1 Registered customers have the opportunity to join the Company’s affiliate program. This involves receiving credit for referring friends or acquaintances who place orders. You can find more information about the Affiliate Program in the Customer’s personal account.

10. Miscellaneous Provisions

This Agreement contains all Terms and Conditions that describe the rights and obligations of the contract parties (the Customer and the Company). Only this document, and not its promises, promises, or inducements, is to be considered valid or binding. This Agreement replaces all prior verbal and written communications, and/or agreements between the parties.

10.2 The Customer agrees that, if any portion of these Terms and Conditions conflicts with any state law it will not affect other parts of the document. All other terms of the Agreement will not affect the Customer’s rights or obligations.

11. Limitation of liability

Accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, the Customer agrees not to hold the Company, its officers, shareholders, agents, representatives or directors, or any third-party providers of information or data (the “Company’s Affiliates”), responsible for any and all loss, rights, damages or claims arising out of or related to the products.

(a) Telephone, electronic, hardware, software, Internet or network, email, or computer malfunctions.

(b) Failed, garbled or incomplete computer transmissions

(c) Any condition that could cause the product’s delay, corruption, or disruption beyond the Company’s control.

(d) Any damages or losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of the services

(e) Any printing or typographical mistakes in materials that are associated with the service.

12. Dissertation Services

  1. To ensure that the order is processed correctly, the Customer must provide a precise end date for his/her dissertation project. The order must be placed no later than 8 months after the ‘End Date.
  2. Each Chapter should have its own deadline for submission of the dissertation project.
  3. If Chapters are required for the dissertation project, they will be provided one at a time after the Client has confirmed each Chapter. Without confirmation of the work, the writer can’t continue to work on the order.

13. Modifications

Customers agree that the Company may modify the Terms and Conditions set out in the Agreement. Modifications will be posted. However, it is strongly recommended that customers review these pages frequently.