The Proficiency of an ESA, Application Essay Example

The Proficiency of an ESA, Application Essay Example

Obviously, I have chosen in this specific ESA masters program, since I am targeted on obtaining valuable experience within the field of development as well as operation of space projects. It is worth saying that taking on responsibility in maintaining space missions and taking advantage from the proficiency of an ESA supervisor is the matter of great significance for me.

As for the question what I personally expect from the ESA curriculum, I must admit that, first and foremost, it is about absolutely fresh opinion with regards to Europe’s space industry. To be precise, I expect to become aware of a straightforward mission that European Space Agency has launched since the time of its foundation in 1975. Concerning my decision to apply at ESA, I would like to make mention that it is likely to offer the valuable experience that can qualify each applicant for the variety of high-calibre opportunities within European Space Agency. Apart from the aforementioned, I am also determined to enrich myself in terms of working in a new environment, since ESA provides different work placement options. It is clear that ESA masters program is of crucial importance for me.

Regarding my career plans after graduation, it is worth indicating that a programme coordinator would be a great position to occupy. The thing is that I am intended to be engaged within a broad overview of the Earth; a peculiar characteristic of Earth Observation lies that it is not focused on single project. Consequently, a wide range of probable involvements makes this job extremely interesting for me. Considering the self-description, I would characterize myself as a sober-minded decisive individual; usually when it is necessary to decide on certain issues, I take a pause to thoroughly reflect on it. Among the strengths of mine, I would distinguish decisiveness and willingness to expand my horizon within the areas of interest; as for the weaknesses, it is basically the probability of being obsessed with some projects I work on.


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