The University of Maryland, Admission Essay Example

The University of Maryland, Admission Essay Example

When I look at the local community and the stereotypes it has imposed on its behaviors, I realize that my family and I have lived in a bubble for a while. In a recent trip to Baltimore, I had the chance to meet with so many people from different religious backgrounds and backgrounds that I literally felt at a cultural shock at first. Diversity is one of the most significant aspects of understanding other cultures.

Maryland University prides itself in being able maintain the diversity of its student body and community, that gives students a variety of advantages. Diversity is an important aspect of our society, due to the rapid increase in globalization and the merging of cultures. Diversity has historically given us an environment that offers minorities and women the opportunities they didn’t believe were possible years ago.

People can be more aware of the world around them by being open to the world around them. A country’s accepted behavior might not be accepted in another. This is true of religious and racial differences, and more. Therefore, it is important to understand diversity in order to be able to live and work together with people of all backgrounds. Leaders should be able comprehend complicated and easy issues to help guide and encourage their groups, employees, and businesses.

I believe that the University of Maryland will help give me a positive experiences in the social world that I not get elsewhere. Our nation is filled with diversity. This is an opportunity for me to get out of my small box at home and broaden my knowledge of the world and the people I share a home with in my country. Not only will I profit personally from this opportunity, but the diversity at the University of Maryland will also give me a chance to make new friends and to have professors of all different backgrounds who will guide and mentor me. I’m sure I’ll form friendships that last for the rest of my life. When I graduate from Maryland in just four and a half years, I’ll be able say it was an opportunity in a lifetime. Since I’m not in an isolated community, diversity will make my experiences even more special. If it wasn’t for diversity, I wouldn’t be able learn from others and meet people from different backgrounds. This is why I am applying for admission into the University of Maryland and I think this will take me on a journey which is vital to my life.


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