UB Honors Scholars, Admission Essay Example

UB Honors Scholars, Admission Essay Example

Since I was a child, I did not know that diversity is a virtue that is displayed through an atmosphere of mutual respect. We appreciate the differences and similarities like race, gender, sexual orientation, age gender education and culture among others. I grew up in a multicultural environment that valued diversity and taught me how to interact with people from diverse backgrounds in a team. Each member utilizes their experience, talents and expertise to reach a common goal. I’ve had the privilege to travel around the country , in different states, and have come across people from different backgrounds, including the minorities , and even foreigners. It was one of the highlights of my trips, getting to know new people and forming bonds with people of diverse backgrounds and views. This made my trip through America a great learning experience as I learned about the lives and beliefs of different people. It has allowed me to understand my own culture from a new perspective. It wasn’t always the case, as I struggled to find my feet in life due to my heritage. I viewed those around me as being superior because I had not had a opportunity to meet people and view life from their perspective. I’ve since gotten over the belief that some races are superior to other races by interfacing with others who may be considered to be different from me. am.

I have learned to appreciate my heritage and to show respect to others, regardless of their ethnic origins or life style. I also participate in sporting activities where all members come from different backgrounds like ethnic groups, Caucasians and even different educational backgrounds. My extended family, which includes mixed race, is very knowledgeable about diversity. I remember vividly how I formed a close relationship with my football team members and we utilized our diverse skills and experiences in forming bonds that would lead us to many victories on the field throughout my schooling years. My passion for reading has broadened my perspective on life as well as in academics. I now realize that reading is among the most efficient ways to gain knowledge and gaining a fresh perspective on life. Reading improves my concentration and focus.

I’d like to take on a greater role in promoting diversity at the University, by taking part in programs that are inclusive of underrepresented groups. I understand from personal experience that to achieve trust, achievement, and honesty, a person needs to create a respectful environment for the ideals. As I challenge my peers to question their assumptions regarding their lives, their behavior and their views I will challenge them to reexamine their cultural beliefs and values while accepting the values of others. They are motivated to embrace the values of their cultural heritage that they are the most satisfied with. They will discuss and compare the values of their families practices and beliefs with the values of other families in America and around the world through extension.

My desire for co-curricular activities, like football, or any other sport are not going to go disappearing. It’s a way to connect with people from various backgrounds and gain knowledge from them. I hold the notion that even things which appear tiny or unimportant are understood and understood differently by different people. I believe that somebody with a different academic background and background could lead me to a different perspective that results in new levels of thinking and understanding. In this respect I do not just look for opportunities to interact with my fellow students, but also with the Faculty as well as open my mind further to become more diversifying throughout my education.


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