Undergraduate Dissertation

Undergraduate Dissertation

A dissertation for undergraduates is your first large-scale, serious research project. The dissertation is more about what you already know than about the discoveries that you can make. This summary of knowledge in the subject area is what proves that you have certain skills and know-how to conduct research.

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What is the importance of the structure of an undergraduate dissertation?

You will be learning how to structure dissertations in your first major research assignment. Most of them are the same organization. The same structure will be used for your future graduate and doctoral dissertations. You may need to change the names or order of chapters depending on your university’s regulations for dissertation writing. Make sure you are familiar with these before you begin writing.

An outline of an undergraduate dissertation

  1. Introduction. Introduction. This section provides background and general information about your topic. It also explains why it is important and what you hope to accomplish with your research.
  2. Literature review. This section must be thoroughly read before it can be written. This section provides a summary of previous research on the topic. You won’t be able to read every work on the topic since there could be many. You might be able to compile a list of all relevant works, and then prioritize them according to the aspect of your topic.
  3. Methodology. This chapter explains the methods and approaches used in your research, and how that information was collected and analyzed.
  4. Results or findings. It presents the results or findings that you have discovered during your research and analyzes them for the audience.
  5. Discussion. Discussion is where you discuss your research results and offer your critique.
  6. Conclusions. This section will tell you if you have answered the questions that you asked in the introduction.
  7. Bibliography or references. It includes a list of all the sources that you used during your research. Include only works that you have cited and not any other sources you may have read to get general information about the topic.

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