What is your intended major? Admission Essay Example

What is your intended major? Admission Essay Example

What is your intended major? What is your intended major?

The college I attended is helping me to prepare for business. While I am enthusiastic about my subject of study however, I wasn’t certain that this would be my path. My initial goal was to be a professional soccer player. Since the age of four I have been a soccer player and it has always been my lifelong passion. At the age of 14, I was chosen to play in my local “Under 15” Soccer Team. At the time, I thought that this was my dream to be realized and that I was on my path to achieving my goal. After careful thought and the guidance of my parents I came to the conclusion that a major in Physical Education was a bad scholastic choice that would bring only a small benefit should circumstances change. In the end, I decided to pursue a career as an executive.

My parents were the main inspiration for me to pursue a degree in business. My father is not an extremely successful businessman and has had many failures in the business. He has been involved in numerous businesses, such as opening a nursery school, a leather shoe factory and even a supermarket, all of which have been a failure, and none lasted more than 3 years. However, I’ve analyzed my father’s failures, vowing to learn from his mistakes. As a historian, I am convinced that there is a lot to be gained by studying the past.

To make smart decision-making for my family’s business, I have successfully used the historical research on economic and market trends to my advantage. In 2008, my parents were interested in investing in the stock market. I conducted a study on the history of the economy, and applied it to the current global economic situation at that time. I concluded that 2008 was not an investment year. So, I advised my parents to keep their capital. After the stock market plunged in the month of October, I saw just how crucial studying the past can be in making good business choices. In the spring of 2009 we began investing, and happily we saw an average profit of 30%.

At 18 years old, I started the next chapter in my life. Since I had decided on an occupation in the field of business, I felt that it was essential to get an education in a nation that has produced the world’s greatest businessmen. I moved to the United States in order to join Diablo Valley College. I joined the International Students Club (ISC) and immediately became involved in the student life. ISC has elected me three times to be its Activities Coordinator. After demonstrating my leadership abilities and enthusiasm for the club, then I was elected president of ISC. My involvement in ISC has helped me improve my organizational skills and helped to advance my knowledge of business.

When I joined ISC ISC, the company was experiencing some difficulties which included low enrollment in the organization, financial and organizational problems. I used the skills I acquired in DVC business classes to solve some of the problems with ISC. I also employed strategies for marketing and labor specialization. I was able put ISC in a better spot through collaboration in conjunction with the International Students Admissions and Services Office and the other campus cultural clubs. The membership of the club has more than doubled, and the ISC account has tripled in a single semester. The summer of 2010 I was able to transform from an ordinary student into an organized, well-organized, and enthusiastic leader, putting my business knowledge into the real world and providing benefits to both DVC as well as ISC.

ISC is my passion. I also have been the Senior Vice-President of Students in Free Enterprise, an organization for students, and Activities Coordinator of Associated Students of Diablo Valley College. As the head of a student government group, a business club, and a committee that planned campus celebrations, I assisted with the management of these activities. I am extremely happy of the fact that my events have improved student life and connected to my local community.

I have been growing through my DVC experience and extracurricular activities . I am looking forward to stepping into the world of business professionally. I believe that majoring is Business is the best choice for me. The next step in reaching my dream of becoming a business professional I am planning to attend University of California after DVC.


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