What Role Would Samford Have in your Future? Admission Essay Example

What Role Would Samford Have in your Future? Admission Essay Example

When I made the decision to go to college, I believed it would be impossible to find a college that was both great in academics, and deeply concerned about each student’s success. I believe that Samford University makes both of those possible. I have come to discover that religious beliefs are the core base for a large number of students. The numerous people I’ve spoken to about religion have informed me that being at a Christian college, I am aware that I will be confronted with difficulties that might make me sacrifice my beliefs and who I am. I believe in order to achieve success.

I didn’t grow up in a Christian family; I am a foreign-born student. Honestly, I didn’t know much about Christianity. However, I’ve been able to meet many people who have expressed their faith with me. I would like to learn more about Christianity. My acquaintances who are Christian have relayed to me that their overall aim is to bring souls to Christ. I am confident that I will be able to do that at Samford. I am aware that Christian students can be present at every university, but I believe I will benefit from being around staff and students who share these values since they will value my individuality . I’ll be encouraged both academically and spiritually by these staff members and students. The people we hang out around have a huge influence on us. The Samford family Samford will have a positive influence on me.

As I’ve seen my peers engage in questionable behavior over time, I made the decision to switch to my college. Many students go to secular institutions believing that they will be able to keep their faith regardless of where they are. So many are saddened to find out that they are unable to maintain their Christian ideologies. After seeing this happen over and over again I am forced to say that I am afraid that I may also be influenced by the wrong beliefs. I’ve managed to maintain the same 2.9 GPA, however I know that I can perform much better. I believe I need to have a solid base before I can step into the real world. I was hoping that I’d remain true to my beliefs, but I have found that a have a deep yearning to learn more about the beliefs of Christianity.

I’m planning to major in Economics at Samford University. I believe Samford is an ideal opportunity for me to develop an objective view of the world, and to see Christ’s connection to every aspect of our world. You can only be successful in the world if they’re capable of integrating religion into every aspect of their lives. They’ll be able to relate Christian beliefs to situations in real life, which is something I’m sure of as an experienced Christian educator. They’ll also be able to share their personal experience of being a Christian. This will be so helpful because so often it gets difficult to see how religion plays a role in the world at a time when there is so much chaos all around us.

There are numerous career options that are available to Economics majors. This program teaches the ability to think critically, which is why it’s so important. These are skills that are more crucial in Economics than in any other discipline. Communication is an important aspect of the field of Economics. As an economist, I would like to aid third world countries. Consulting will provide a dual duty career for me. I will be able to help people succeed financially. My greatest joy is having the opportunity to share my experience of spiritual growth.

Due to its Christian values, as well as its impressive academic performance, I think Samford University is the ideal school for me. Samford is a smaller university and I am confident that I’ll become more than an academic number at the back of someone’s classroom. Because I am sure they’ll be watching out for my best interests as a student, having Christian teachers is crucial to us. For Christian educators teaching is a calling not just a job . This concept benefits every student.


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