Writing a Case Study for Business

Writing a Case Study for Business

Business students may already be familiar with case studies in business and have probably written many of them. What if you have to do this case study? This is probably something you’ve faced before. We offer professional assistance with homework. We can help you manage your time and get great notes.

What does a Business Case Study look like?

Leading international companies and businesses use certain strategies and tactics to succeed internationally. These case studies are based on real-life examples and can help you gain valuable information about your company. These cases often cover key topics in international business such as:

  • globalization
  • Entry strategies
  • Marketing products
  • Brand management
  • Mergers and acquisitions (strategic allies)
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • human resource management etc.

Whatever your business, there’s a format that you can follow. This is the simplest format:

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • The resulting benefits

The case study must tell a story, but it’s difficult to find a case study that favors a story over problem-solution-benefit. It is difficult to write a business case study. To get an overall idea, you should seek professional assistance and review some case studies.

There is also a more detailed business case study outline.

  1. Synopsis: A summary of the case and the theoretical context of this problem.
  2. Write a case study about your business.
    • Please specify the date and time at which the problem was discovered.
    • Identify the true owner of the problem.
    • Describe the problem. What’s stopping the company from reaching its goals?
    • Describe your goals. What results do you want to achieve?
    • Describe the areas that need to be considered. In the outline form, list the facts.
    • Describe alternative options. Describe several options. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
    • Conclusion. Discuss the final decision and the best option.
    • Recommendation. Identify the current activities and the assigned department. Also, specify the target date for completion.

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