Writing a Dissertation Abstract

Writing a Dissertation Abstract

This section of a dissertation’s dissertation is very important as it is the most frequently viewed, read, and published. This is a short description of your work that explains what you did and how you got there. Your dissertation abstract should be clear and concise. It should also explain clearly your goals and results. We allow you to order this part of your dissertation online. You will receive a top-quality piece from our professional writer in no time at all!


Parts of a Dissertation Abstract

A published summary consists of four parts:

  1. Introduction. The introduction provides a brief history of your topic. You also explain why you chose this topic for your dissertation and its importance to the subject that you are pursuing.
  2. Methodology. This is where you should explain why you selected certain methods to conduct your research. These methods are most appropriate for your topic. Did you consider other approaches that you could have used in your research? If so, why not? Which approach, quantitative or qualitative, did you use in your dissertation?
  3. Your findings. Discuss the results of your research. What have you accomplished? These are the expected results. Did you answer the questions that you asked at the start of your research? This section should not contain an analysis or evaluation. It should be a collection of statements. Do not go into detail. Instead, give general information and facts that you have found.
  4. Conclusions. This section gives your audience an evaluation of your work. Discuss what you’ve learned, the complexity of your research and how it affected the discipline.

How to write a dissertation abstract?

A dissertation summary is, as you can see, a miniaturized version of your dissertation. It does not contain all of the details, charts, and tables. It doesn’t have all the details, charts, tables, figures, etc. that your main body has. Your abstract should be clear and concise. It is important to sort through all information and select the most important parts.

A dissertation published summary should not exceed one page. You will see it published on various dissertation database websites. Make sure you provide a concise but detailed description of your research.

Where can I get help with my dissertation abstract?

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