Writing Dissertation Literature Review

Writing Dissertation Literature Review

This is an important step in your academic success. This part of your dissertation should be taken seriously by your committee. If you can produce a great literature review, then you will also be able to write a quality dissertation. Your committee will consider your dissertation literature review as one indicator of your research ability.

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Steps to Conducting a Dissertation Literature Exam

This section of your dissertation is the first part of your writing. It is an integral part of your work. It is possible to duplicate what someone else has done without a literature review. This part of your dissertation should be taken seriously. Later, you will see how it can simplify your work.


The following are the components of literature review writing:

  • Problem statement. This is the first stage of your literature review. It identifies the problem. This stage of your literature review will help you determine the type of information that you require and identify the appropriate sources.
  • Collecting information. This is the actual data collection process. This section should only contain the actual data collection and not any opinions or evaluations.
  • Evaluation of the information. Analyze the collected information and determine which sources are most relevant.
  • Analyzing and understanding the information. This is the writing part. You identify the relevant sources to your topic and then analyze them.
  • Conclusion. The literature review concludes with this written section. This section informs the audience about research gaps and explains their importance.

Tips for Dissertation Literature Review Writing

  • Talk to your supervisor. Ask your supervisor about the most relevant sources and works of scholars.
  • Limit the number of sources that you wish to use. You won’t be able to read every work on your topic. It is obvious. So, try to keep your list of reviewed works short, consistent, and specific on your topic.
  • Find other approaches to the problem that you are addressing in the literature. These approaches can be compared and compared.
  • You can divide the sources according to the methodology, approach, theory, publication date, and contribution.

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