Writing Results for Dissertation

Writing Results for Dissertation

Your dissertation’s results section is likely to be the most straightforward part of your research. Your findings should be described without explanation. Just give your audience the facts that you have discovered. A person who is only interested in the findings of your dissertation would skip reading through other sections. Your dissertation results must be clear. You don’t have to be a professional writer to complete this section. We can help you write your dissertation literature review. We will gladly assist customers with a portion of their entire dissertation.

It may be helpful to review the results sections of your friends who have already submitted their dissertations or those of scholars whose work is available in other dissertation databases. This will allow you to better understand the structure of the section, familiarize yourself with the writing style, and gain some useful vocabulary.

Dissertation Results Chapter Review list

Every chapter of your dissertation must have a specific organization. After you have completed the dissertation results section make sure that you do the following:

  • All the results you have gathered during your research should be included.
  • You did not express your opinion.
  • Your findings should be sorted by their importance, starting with the most important to the least important.
  • Give your readers enough statistics and numbers to help them understand the extent of your research.
  • Enter only the relevant results, and leave out the less obvious.
  • Use scientific language style
  • Make sure that every table, graph, or chart is preceded or accompanied by an explanation of the information it provides. They are informative but not always self-explanatory.
  • They were concrete and didn’t overload the chapter with too many details.

The Results Section of Your Dissertation: Rule of thumb

For all topics in all subject areas, the golden rule of the results is the same. Your dissertation’s results section should not be used to discuss your findings. This chapter should only contain facts and not include any opinions or evaluations.

Some educational institutions require that you combine the results and discussion sections of your dissertation. However, unless your faculty clearly states so in their requirements for academic writing, don’t include your results in the results section.

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