Yale, Admission Essay Example

Yale, Admission Essay Example

Booker T. Washington once stated, “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad group.” This quote is quite influential for me as it has motivated me to apply for admission to Yale University because at Yale I will find myself with great students, great professors and excellent learning sources. I aim to be a person who is of great quality and would like to help other people in the world achieve their goals. I have the ability to accomplish this thanks to my exceptional education at one of the top Ivy League colleges in America. When someone says Yale or Ivy League College the words are a mark of distinction for their education . It can also aid them in reaching their further graduate goals and also achieving an excellent job.

If I was an official on Yale’s admissions committee, I would request candidates to submit two pages of argumentative essays about any subject they want to convince me why they are worthy of being admitted. The aim of the essay is so decipher the student’s mediation and arguing abilities, as well as their ability to write well-formatted academic documents. These skills are essential for Yale success.

I’d like to be able to resolve disputes and negotiate more effectively. There are many times when there is controversy or litigation because a person cannot successfully negotiate a difference in opinion. When dealing with a controversial issue, the best strategy is to come up with an outcome that is win-win. This basically means that each party leaves the negotiation feeling they have made money from the negotiation. There aren’t any losers or winners.

I’m a top student. I possess a positive attitude, excellent moral character, and the desire to achieve. Yale seeks applicants who will strive to reach their goals, or at least be the best. I am the cream of the crop due to my academic excellence, extra-curricular achievements and social skills. I have learned to live life to its fullest and that will allow me to pursue my Yale University studies. In order to succeed at the Ivy League, you need a solid educational background and a distinct social standing. This is what I’m most passionate about!


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